Voor de kroon

Voor de kroon is a strategic turn based game with 3rd person battles where you control your army in real time. It is set in the 13th century during the Friso-Hollandic wars and features knights and crossbows.


  • Strategic turn based campaign set in 13th century Holland.
  • Large scale realtime battles featuring 600 units
  • Awesome graphics powered by Unreal Engine
  • Faction customization
  • Dynamic weather and seasons that influence both the campaign and battle maps
  • 23 locations to conquer and fight in
  • Old school dutch landscape featuring bogswamps, farmland and forests


Game trailer

Campaign gameplay

Youtube coverage (Old game versions)

Jackie Fish (EN)

Pixelated Apollo (EN)

Resonant (EN)

DaleyTactics (EN)

Indeday (FR)

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